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What does my order status mean?

posted this on March 02, 2011 04:55 PM

As your order progresses it will change status several times. Below is a list of the different status' and what they mean.

  • Pre-Order: Awaiting delivery of stock from supplier to commence shipping.
  • Pending: Awaiting payment.
  • Payment processed: Your order has been received and is ready to be processed.
  • Level 1/2/3: Pending Order Verification.
    You may be called if further details are required, so please ensure we have your correct email address and phone number on the order confirmation.
  • Verified: Ready to be sent to the warehouse for fulfilment.
  • Pending Fulfillment: With the warehouse team being processed. (Shipping time as per normal once fulfilled).
  • Ordered: Awaiting receipt in store from the warehouse to be repackaged and resent.
  • Updated: Order content has been changed and a new order issued.
  • Cancelled: Order is no longer active.
  • Shipping Today: 24 hour delay in shipping. An email with the details of the delay will have been sent.
  • Partial Shipment: Part of the item shipped and a new order for the missing items will be created.
  • Shipped: Tracking and IMEI information sent.
  • PO Box Redirection: Has been received in store and resent to a PO Box.
  • Logistics Processing: In store and awaiting repackaging with eParcel.

If you have any questions please contact us by clicking the 'New' button above to create a support ticket.

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