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Samsung Galaxy S2 Power Consumption

David Dessent
posted this on May 25, 2011 10:35 AM

I have one of the new Samsung Galaxy S2 phones. My background in engineering and IT made it possible to find all the undocumented shortcuts and advantages of this brilliant phone, the only one negative is power consumption. Making mimimal calls it was originally running the battery to 10% every day after being fully charged nightly.

The phone sure seems power hungry. GPS and bluetooth are off when not being used. but it still seems to drop about 1% per 3 minutes when being used in non phone mode


Disable Latitude, (or do not use) it draws 45% of power using Google Maps and causes the phone to heat up, especially when unable to detect wireless or a GPS signal.

The firmware updates are tricky and it is going to be easy for a customer to disconnect the USB during firmware update as Kies stops responding when the USB Firmware update starts.

In the wrong circumstances this could brick the phone. I've done both firmware upgrades with quite high end equipment and both could have gone wrong. The SIM should also be removed from the phone when doing a firmware update to prevent any interruption to the process.

Since doing both firmware updates there is a significant performance increase and power and auto brightness are improved.

Hope that helps



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Ken Wiltshire

Thanks for the tips. Do you know where we can find the correct links to the firmware update(s)?

July 06, 2011 01:08 PM